What Is Wedding Cake Flavor

Chocolate and vanilla wedding cakes will always be classics but creative cake flavors bring the fun and the flavor. The recipe base has been around on the internet for quite some time now wasc cake white almond sour cream cake.

The Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavors By Decade

There is so much more to wedding cake than traditional vanilla buttercream.

What is wedding cake flavor. Some folks also call old fashioned white wedding cake a white almond cake. But i agree with all the above cake is cake and i use the same wasc for a birthday or a wedding and somehow the presentation does seem to affect everyones tastebuds psychologically because i always. Vanilla violet buttercream small couture cakes are all the rage with modern brides and this flavor combination.

Not only should it look amazing it needs to taste amazing. Here nima etemadi and lily fischer of cake life bake shop and erica obrien of erica obrien cake design share eight out of the box cake flavors that will satisfy you and your guests. These are the top eight most popular wedding cake flavors for 2014.

I used to work next to a shaved ice shop and their most popular sno cone flavor was wedding cake they used vanilla and almond syrup for it. Tell us below what combination you chose for your wedding. Appropriately named for its deep red color red velvet cake is the perfect hue to represent love and romance on your wedding day.

I suppose in my mind this is a traditional white wedding cake. The cognac provides dimension to simple cake flavors and adds what dupal dubs a holiday feel ellen baumwoll of betty bakery in brooklyn seconds the suggestion adding that brandy can also be used to amplify the flavor of a wedding cake. After all theres no better way to show off you and your fiances creative sides than through a unique wedding cake flavor.

Your cake will be the center of your reception atmosphere. Putting your sweet tooth to work with bite after delicious bite is likely the most fun to do on your list but making those final decisions on the best wedding cake flavor combinations can be legitimately tough. This is why wedding cake professionals have you in for a tasting.

Were not knocking the go to flavorwhats not to lovebut as far as wedding confection variety goes its just a drop in the mixer. It is rich and smooth and is frequently paired with cream cheese. When choosing the best wedding cake flavors keep your wedding theme in mind and the mood you want to create.

Which one is your favorite. Its flavor is not quite chocolaty yet not quite vanilla either. Carrot cakes filled cakes fondant covered cakes and the likes are all more of a modern twist.

We might just be super partial to delicious cake but these are the 15 best wedding cake flavor combinations we could find. Arguably one of the best parts of wedding planning comes down to the cake tasting. Go through all the flavors and find the ones you like.

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